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Simcenter 3D - A Comprehensive Simulation Tool

With an increase in complexity and delivery, simulation needs to form an integral and efficient part of product development. With Simcenter 3D – and the Simcenter Suite – Siemens PLM provides an answer to the challenges faced by engineering and consulting teams. By being CAD and Solver independent, Simcenter is the ideal platform for fast, efficient and accurate execution and delivery of simulation and analysis results.

Simcenter 3D offers the following simulation functionalities

Pre- & Post Processing

With an increased reliance on CAD/design technologies in the products and solutions we develop, a greater focus is required on how analysts interface with these technologies. The rate at which changes are required also necessitates a greater focus on the pre- & post-processing tools available to the analyst.

Simcenter 3D’s pre- and post-processing tools provide a bridge between design and simulation. Workflow efficiency is improved by reducing the engineer’s workload during pre- & post processing by associating the simulation model to its CAD parent. This is achieved since the Simcenter 3D technologies are embedded in Siemens NX. The user, therefore, has access to comprehensive geometry editing/adapting capabilities.

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Structural Analysis

Understanding how a component or product assembly reacts under various loading conditions is critical in any industry. As products and materials become increasingly complex, engineers need tools that go beyond linear statics analysis. Simcenter includes the structural simulation solutions needed for a wide range of structural analysis problems – within a single user environment.

No longer is different technologies and interfaces needed (linear statics, another to study fatigue, and yet another for nonlinear analysis) for different application areas (linear vs. non-linear analysis, another to study fatigue, acoustics etc.). As a result, engineering departments can consolidate analysis tools and training. This ensures that resources can be used effectively improving the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

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Flow Simulation

Fluid dynamics are an integral part of the operating conditions and environment of most products. How a product or system reacts to the forces caused by flow phenomena in its environment can be critical to both the functionality and survivability of a product.

Simcenter 3D enables you to visualise and optimise the flow characteristics of your design, with integrated comprehensive flow simulation and analysis capabilities. This gives the analyst a better understanding of key product performance aspects and more insight into the systems operating conditions – drastically reducing the requirement for prototyping

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Motion Analysis

Understanding the operating environments for intricate mechanical systems can be challenging. CAD-based tools offering kinematic solutions to help designers do envelope testing for a mechanism does exist. Kinematics alone, however, doesn’t provide the critical information needed to successfully validate a product or system. The dynamic loads generated by mechanisms are a critical component of any system with moving parts.

Simcenter 3D goes beyond simple kinematics with its multibody dynamics simulation capabilities. Motion analysis calculates the torques, reaction forces, accelerations and other relevant dynamic results for mechanical systems. Simcenter 3D lets you directly convert CAD geometry and assembly constraints into an accurate motion model increasing efficiency, while the embedded motion solver and robust post-processing capabilities allow the study of a broad range of system behaviors.

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