The Future of ESTEQ


Cobus Oosthuizen


Read the original Siemens press release here

  • Siemens invests in Southern Africa and UAE regions to promote Digital Industries Software portfolio 

  • New relationships with strategic partners, by ESTEQ Test & Measurement to bring valuable test and measurement solutions to the Southern African market. Read more here

The vision at ESTEQ have always been to create business success through engineering technology. To achieve this, ESTEQ have strategically partnered with technology suppliers to offer the best solutions to the Southern African market. 

The ESTEQ Group has been a Siemens PLM partner for nearly 25 years, bringing their and other partners solutions to market. Siemens Digital Industries realized the need to open a legal entity in South Africa, to serve the emerging African & UAE market and to expand and grow the support and services to customers across these regions. Siemens Digital Industries Software announced, that it has signed an agreement to acquire assets of ESTEQ. 

The ESTEQ group of companies will be dissolved and the assets of ESTEQ Design, ESTEQ Industry Solutions, ESTEQ Manufacturing Solutions, and ESTEQ Group was acquired. 

The ESTEQ Test & Measurement (ET&M) business does not form part of this acquisition. ET&M will however continue to operate, business as usual, but under a new company name, TANDM. Elton Murison will remain the Managing Director of TANDM, working alongside his experienced team of engineers. They will continue providing test solutions from trusted suppliers such as HBM, Micro-Epsilon, PCB, DTS, IDT and more. Read more about TANDM here

ESTEQ Engineering have always been an MSC Software partner. As of 1 March 2019, ESTEQ Group divested in ESTEQ Engineering which is now known as SIMTEQ Engineering. 

The ESTEQ software and Test & Measurement businesses have always provided an integrated solution for the product development process. This collaborative relationship will continue, but the businesses will be operated independently. 

“For over 25 years, ESTEQ has helped hundreds of customers, both large and small, by providing technology solutions that assist them with every step of the product development and delivery process. We are excited to join Siemens, so our customers will not only benefit from the existing relationships and local expertise that the ESTEQ team provides but will also benefit from the extended range of technologies and industry expertise that we can offer as part of Siemens.” said Cobus Oosthuizen, CEO of ESTEQ. 

“The Test & Measurement business at ESTEQ started with a few test offerings in 2004 and became its own ESTEQ company in 2011. We are proud that ET&M can now stand on its own feet and are excited to grow the business even further. We have strong relationships with our suppliers and will bring more test, measurement & automation hardware on board. We are very passionate about what we do, and our customers success is always a top priority.” said Elton Murison, Managing Director of ESTEQ Test & Measurement.