High-speed cameras for the most demanding environments

The OS SERIES, a new range of high-speed cameras, was designed for the most demanding environments. It has a wide range data bus, enabling it to achieve a very high frame rate. The OS SERIES is very compact and has a variety of mounts.

Features of the OS SERIES:

  • Optional Solid-state, non-volatile memory.
  • Temperature range from -40˚C to 50˚C.
  • Compact design.
  • Shock: 200G/ Vibration: 40G.
  • HDSDI optional.
  • Standard C-mount, optional F adaptor.

Benefits of the OS SERIES:

  • High capacity to store images.
  • Suitable for use in extreme and rugged environments.
  • Can adapt to any environment.
  • Selection of multiple mounts.
  • Live High Definition playback.