The NX Reuse Library


Andrew Berndt

A Library of Commonly Used Components can Improve Modeling Efficiency

A question often asked by new NX users is how to get access to the Reuse Library. It’s a good question because a library of commonly used components can certainly improve modeling efficiency. This blog article will address the basic utilisation of the NX Reuse Library as well as the process of adding numerous design machinery libraries to the list of available library options.

Basic Utilisation

To start off, let us locate the Reuse Library within the NX user interface. It can be found in the Resource bar (typically located on the left side of the NX window), with the tab icon of three books. An illustration of the Resource bar and Reuse Library menus are depicted in Figure 1. Once this tab is selected, you will gain access to the reuse libraries available within the NX installation. NX comes with several pre-configured libraries as shown in the Libraries section (red block) of the menu depicted below. It is important to note that the Member Select (green block) and Preview (blue block) portions of the menu may be minimised. It is important that the Member Select menu is visible to make effective use of the library.

NX Reuse Library menu

Figure 1: The Reuse Library menu

The basic process of using a library is as follows:

  • Select the desired library from the list available and expand until the relevant subfolder is reached
  • Based on the previous folder selected, the Member Select menu will be populated with icons depicting the various member options available. If one of these is selected a more detailed inspection of the item can be performed in the Preview potion of the menu
  • To create an item, double click on it in the Member Select menu. This action will produce an Add Reusable Component menu, an example of which is depicted in Figure 2. This can be used to configure various options for the item to be added to the model (such as bolt size and length)
  • To add the component, click on OK

Add Reusable Component menu

Figure 2: Add Reusable Component menu

Adding Machinery Libraries

SIEMENS provides NX users with numerous machine libraries setup according to various design standards (ANSI, DIN, ISO, etc.) in both metric and imperial unit systems. These are not part of the standard NX installation and must be added if required. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the SIEMENS product support website. In the Support Links section of this webpage, select Download and Upload Files
  • You will be asked for your SIEMENS Webkey username and password. If you do not have these, please consult our Creating a Webkey Account blog article for details on how to obtain them
  • After supplying valid Webkey Account details you will be directed to a page from which software and content accessible through your license will be available
  • Navigate to NX, then Full Product -> Your NX version (NX12 in this case) -> Your Operating System -> Machinery Library (see Figure 3)


Machine libraries download location

Figure 3: Machine libraries download location

In this folder, you’ll get access to numerous libraries that can be downloaded. Along with the desired libraries, ensure that you download the latest version of the Machinery Library Install Tool

  • Extract the Machinery Library Install Tool zip file
  • Go to the Machinery-library-install-tool\NX_Machinery Library Install – kits\tool\libs directory
  • Copy all the zipped folders of the desired libraries you have downloaded into this directory
  • Navigate to the Machinery-library-install-tool\NX_Machinery Library Install – kits\tool directory and run the MachineryLibrary-Installation.bat file
  • Step through the installation process, making sure that you have write access (administrative rights) to the installation directory that you specify. Note that detailed guidance through this process can be obtained by consulting the user guides supplied within the Machinery-library-install-tool\NX_Machinery Library Install – User Guide directory
  • Once the installation is complete, open NX and go the Reuse Library
  • On the background of the main library navigation menu, right click and select Library Management (see Figure 4). In the menu that appears select Add Library

Library Management

Figure 4: Library Management

Navigate to and then select the directory used for the Machinery Library installation. Click OK on Choose Directory window and then again on the Reuse Library Management menu

  • The installed machinery libraries should now be available in the NX Reuse Library as depicted in Figure 5

The NX Machinery Library