Listeriosis: Keeping it Out of Your Factory


Lionel Dedekind

Listeriosis: How Did it Happen?

The NICD has identified the Enterprise Factory in Polokwane as the source of the current outbreak in South Africa which is the worst in recent history as 180 people have lost their lives so far. Cold meat products have been recalled and returned around the country to prevent any further contamination. For these businesses, the impact of listeriosis could also be fatal: Tiger Brands share price dipped almost 13% and a fine of 10% of annual turnover could be imposed. More than that, the trust in the brand has been compromised and could take years to recover. This is any food company’s worst nightmare.

It will be interesting to find out how this happened. There have been many warnings regarding the increasing number of listeriosis cases occurring since December. Tiger Brands said that they have proactively amplified testing for listeria at their facilities and found low counts that are within industry guidelines, but something slipped through the cracks. Was the measurement equipment faulty? Were the tests conducted incorrectly? Or was the laboratory information just mismanaged?

What Would We Do?

Ask yourself how your LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) system could prevent this from happening. Are processes in place to ensure that your measurement equipment is functioning correctly? Or do you rely on a system that might be outdated or hasn’t been implemented correctly? A solution to manage these processes with and ensure that you know exactly what is happening in your factory is critical in the food industry.

Our suggestion would be to introduce and correctly implement your next generation Simatic IT Unilab LIMS. This is a system developed by Siemens that can be used for large enterprises or small labs. It enables you to efficiently manage quality and safety of your products. This enables you to ensure that your factory is safe and adheres to industry standards, without anything being overlooked.

Technical Specifications:

  • Unilab is a future-proof LIMS with no client-side installation required.
  • It harnesses HTML5 technology to run on any device with any browser.
  • Its intuitive user interface presents the right information to the relevant people in a simple manner.
  • Instrument connections with dynamic connection are supported for data exchange.
  • Result verification and validation is done upon entry.

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