South Africa is a world leading country regarding the production of gas and fuel from coal. The world’s only commercial coal-based synthetic fuels manufacturing facility, producing synthesis gas (syngas) through coal gasification and natural gas reforming is locally based in South Africa. Proprietary technology is used to convert syngas into synthetic fuel components, pipeline gas and chemical feedstock for downstream production of products like solvents, polymers and many other products..

A number of oil refineries are operating in South Africa like Natref and Sapref to name a couple. Products like petrol, diesel, jet fuel, illuminating paraffin, oils, bitumen and lubricants are produced locally at these refineries.

One of the world’s largest Gas-to-liquid refineries is based in the Southern Cape. Products like ultra-clean, low-sulphur, low-aromatic synthetic fuel are converted from natural methane rich gas and condensate using a unique GTL Fischer Tröpsch technology.

These typical gas and oil companies are served by ESTEQ with state of the art solutions like:

  • Managing product and project portfolios in a structured governance model that maximize Brand growth and optimize resource utilization
  • Requirements analysis in support of the Systems Engineering Process
  • Design, analysis and optimization of thermal-fluid (process) systems
  • Analyzing highly viscous non-Newtonian fluids (e.g.  melted plastic, and  chemical blends)
  • Multiphase flow modeling of atomization and spray processes
  • Fluid Structure interaction for the analyses of sloshing, valve design and pump design
  • HAZOPS and/or Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Managing all plant related data in context of each facility and related equipment for maintenance and/ or ALARA studies.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repair and overhaul management
  • Asset management taking into account batch and serial items and also identification requirements like the KKS numbering system
  • Improved reliability and reduced down time in production plants with plant monitoring solutions
  • Integrated data capturing with sensors and equipment specific for on-line condition monitoring

Working with hazardous materials like highly flammable  gas and fuel products, require an ultra safe environment with top rated quality processes and procedures. A major incident may cause serious injuries and even loss  of life.  ESTEQ a value added design, development and manufacturing solutions supplier,  will help you with your plant acquisition process, enabling the licensing and final acceptance of your plant right through to plant operation and scheduled and unscheduled maintenance management processes.