High Tech & Electronics

Precision, quality, cost pressures and competition from low-cost production environments as well as increasing demand for more capabilities and feature rich products all make the product development environment in the high-tech & electronics sector a huge challenge.

Not to mention the small margins associated with high volume consumer products as well as the extreme environmental demands in military electronics applications.

Wherever a configured complex product is developed manufactured, distributed and supported, the importance of strict configuration management and a systems engineering approach cannot be stressed enough. In today’s world where the application of electronic systems with associated software control is continuing to grow, the importance of managing this data grows as well.

At ESTEQ, we firmly believe in a ‘lifecycle approach’ to carrying out product development and have world leading technology to facilitate this for our clients.

Leading ECAD solutions such as Altium, Mentor, Zuken and Cadence can be integrated into a managed development environment and the associated data used efficiently downstream.

Bills of Material (BOM) creation and manipulation capabilities using PLM technology from Siemens as well as the ability to integrate into the ERP environment provides an end to end structured framework with processes to enable streamline product development.

Our plant and process solutions together with our Industrial Engineering skills allow us to help our clients to improve production throughput, optimize resources as well as design facilities ergonomically where people are involved with assembly or manufacturing.

When it comes to issues related to heat dissipation and thermal efficiency, we have the expertise to solve those difficult challenges in-house or allow knowledge growth in your organizations to grow these skills yourselves using world leading CFD technology for example.

When it comes to management of software code, this can be done in context of the product development environment as well.

Of course electronic enclosure design and optimization for thermal efficiency weight or cost reduction is an area relevant to our Mechanical CAD technologies or we can assist with specific problem solving using our engineers skills and expertise.