Energy & Utilities

South Africa is the main supplier of electricity in Southern Africa. The local utility is the major supplier with private suppliers becoming more prominent since new developments in Solar and Wind Power and also changes in power generation legislation.

Ninety five % of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in Africa is generated by the local utility, which also transmits and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers and redistributors.

A main focus is renewables due to the hothouse effect created by burning coal and pressure from environmental groups. Although Nuclear is not seen as a renewable source of energy, the alternative for base load replacing coal, is becoming an option. South Africa has generated Nuclear energy since the early seventies at Koeberg.

The local Nuclear Energy Corporation is a world leading Nuclear research and manufacturing facility offering world class technology and development solutions for South Africa’s Nuclear power expansion projects, in accordance with the IRP 2010 – 2030.

These companies amongst many other companies have been served by ESTEQ for the past 15 years, with world class solutions and services. The following solutions are offered:

  • Design, analysis and optimization of thermal-fluid (process) systems
  • Fluid Structure interaction for the analysis of sloshing and the evaluation of turbo machinery
  • Flow simulation driven by natural or forced convection for energy transformation devices, such as a solar tower
  • Turbine efficiency assessment and load predictions on blades, wake turbulence intensity, or interference effects in wind farms.
  • Managing all plant related data in context of each facility and related equipment for maintenance and/ or ALARA studies.
  • Outage, maintenance, repair and overhaul management
  • Asset management taking into account lifed items and rotables including KKS and serial number management
  • On-line condition monitoring
  • Continuously monitoring for the protection of critical rotating equipment according to the requirements of API 670
  • Noise and vibration measurement for durability and fatigue testing

Quality and safety is a non-negotiable in a Nuclear plant or utility environment. A major incident at a nuclear site or loss of a main power source, may have critical implications on the wellbeing of any society, country or even globally. ESTEQ helps you optimize and assure your design, development, manufacturing and information flow processes, enabling the licensing and final acceptance of your plant or energy generating source right through to plant operation and outage management.