Aerospace & Defence

The Aerospace and Defence Industry is at the forefront of development using cutting edge technology to ensure relevancy and ability to secure countries safety and survival. South Africa has a long history of Aerospace and Defence development. Being the superior power in Africa, equipment had to be developed and adapted for Africa’s harsh conditions. Typical challenges to be managed, are, a constant change in threat requiring shorter design cycles and smaller batch sizes, complex “system of systems” modelling and engineering, high development cost which require virtual prototyping rather than physical prototyping, amongst others.


Solutions for the Aerospace and Defence Industry include:

  • System Engineering  using Requirements Analysis for proper System Specification, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), verification, qualification  and final acceptance
  • Design modelling using Computer Aided Design (CAD) for large scale vehicle assembly modelling, Computer Aided Engineering (CAX) like aircraft tie down analysis, rotor dynamics and Computer Aided manufacturing (CAM) for turbine blade multi axis machining.
  • Simulation for design optimization which include Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for  Internal and External loads analysis, impact analysis like bird strike, aeroelastic static, gust and flutter simulation, ballistic and weapons simulation, blast simulation caused by landmines, kinematic simulation of landing gear and wing flaps
  • Space Analysis like orbital heating, composites and failure analysis, random vibration within space vehicles
  • Configuration Management which include variant management using BOM management and change management for atleast a  30 year design life.
  • Manufacturing analysis like materials management, bottle neck simulation and factory layout and process flow optimization.
  • Test and measurement like Ground vibration testing (GVT) and High velocity data acquisition during landmine blast tests.

In Aerospace and Defence, quality and accuracy is everything. Missing your target means a failed mission and/or high cost implication with a possible loss of life. ESTEQ helps you streamline design, development and manufacturing processes and information flow, which reduce costs, eliminate errors, and reduce time-to-market.