The First Choice for Strain Measurements

We offer the full range of strain gauges for all applications.

Specializing in the following:

  • Experimental stress analysis (ESA)
  • Strain measurement for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) verification & validation
  • Strain gauges for normal component testing and transducer manufacturing.

As experts in the field, ESTEQ can also provide you with the necessary guidance, training, and services for all your strain gauge requirements.

Our strain gauge course is now a certified level 1 and 2 courses with The Association of German Engineers VDI/VDE/GESA guideline 2636. Contact us if you are interested in getting ceritified.

Types of Strain Gauges

Special Strain Gauges

HBM offer strain gauges for very specific applications:

  • very small sizes,
  • ...
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Types of Strain Gauges

Y Series

The Y series has over 2000 strain gauges to choose from. These foil strain gauges can be used in static or dynamic stress analysis. These strain gauges are preciserobust and flexible. They offer 7 different types of temperature response matching and can be used on many different materials.

C Series

The C series strain gauges have a very wide temperature range and can measure accurately throughout the whole range. It’s ideal for structural tests and offers good mechanical flexibility. The C Series consists of a chrome-nickel alloy on a polyamide foil.

M Series

The M series strain gauges offer a very wide temperature range. It is ideal for stress analysis of materials with high fatigue strength such as:

Transducer Strain Gauges

These custom strain gauges are specifically designed for transducer manufacturing. They are available in different creep compensation values and offer a great combination of performance and cost advantages.

Special Strain Gauges

HBM offer strain gauges for very specific applications:

  • very small sizes,
  • supports all common measurement methods,
  • are weldable,
  • easy to install
  • moisture proof or chemical resistant

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