ESTEQ is the leading supplier of Engineering Simulation solutions in South Africa. Our primary focus is to empower our clients to become leaders in their respective industries though providing technology which can solve the most demanding engineering & scientific problems, in the shortest possible times.

We believe in selecting the leading technology suppliers from around the world and backing this technology with a team of the best people to provide the highest level of service to our clients. This service starts with helping companies assess the business benefit they will get from implementing our solutions, through to implementation, technology transfer, training, support and consulting. We develop solutions which are tailored to our client`s requirements. This involves a long term relationship of mutual trust and growth which can only be achieved in a partnership.

ESTEQ is a solutions provider that specializes in improving our client`s global competitiveness by reducing their time to market lowering total product life cycle costs improving quality and delivering client satisfaction through the implementation alignment of various technologies.

With numerous skills in various areas of Product Lifecycle Management [PLM], Engineering Design and Simulation as well as Organizational improvement through technology implementation, the Engineers and Analysts at ESTEQ can help your company to be more goal orientated, productive and successful.

Using all these skills and capabilities to align and implement the relevant and applicable technologies in our client`s environments.

ESTEQ has built a respected reputation in the Test and Measurement industry, based on the supply of reliable precision transducers and measurement solutions across a broad range of industries. Our company today offers products and services across the entire measurement spectrum, from virtual to physical testing. Products comprise sensors, instrumentation and data acquisition systems as well as durability, test and analysis software.

Testing encompasses the broad area of actually measuring real data on existing systems. This provides the engineer with a baseline insight into the existing performance of a system under test, helping to understand its strengths and weaknesses.


ESTEQ Values Brochure



ESTEQ is passionate about creating an environment in which to develop and grow people to their full potential and to invest in, develop, and grow technology based companies.

We value our people and believe that people are its strongest asset. People should be able to dip into their talent pool on a regular basis in order to fulfil their daily tasks.

We are passionate about technology and use technology as an enabler to address and solve business issues. When understood and utilized correctly technology provides cost effective solutions for better living in all areas of life.

We are dedicated to our core values and place a high emphasis on the following:

Integrity: We are open and honest in all our dealings. We value honesty and transparency above monetary interests.

Honour: We honour people as a strategic asset which defines who we are.

Fairness: We offer fair prices for our products and services and strive to be the best in the market. We are professional in the way we deal with our customers, suppliers and each other.

Excellence: We believe that excellence is a way of life and strive to be excellent in everything we do.


Behind our service and business lies a team dedicated to help you the best they can – we are passionate, educated and motivated to help our customers to reach their goals quicker and more effectively.

We have highly qualified and professional engineers who not only have an in-depth knowledge of the software and hardware, but also the environment in which it is used. ESTEQ believes in equality for all and therefore we strive to provide all our employees with equal opportunity to grow both within our business and personally. ESTEQ staff is well educated, balanced individuals who make valuable contributions to our business, clients and their community.

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