Fatigue & Durability

...Published 2013-11-05

Whether your product is a consumer item, a machine, a vehicle or a building, it’s fatigue life has to be considered. Designing it for normal use load cases is not enough to ensure it will fulfill its function throughout its designed life. It is also not economically viable or competitive anymore to simply design with large safety factors or to crudely over design it. Products need to fulfill their purpose for the duration of its intended life and no longer than that to be competitive.

To strike a balance between warranty claims, safety risks, brand name awareness and an economical and competitive product, engineers have to evaluate a product’s fatigue life. ESTEQ has a number of solutions to assist in evaluating a product’s fatigue life in the Finite Element environment as well as in the Test and Measurement environment. With MSC Nastran Imbedded fatigue, engineers can request fatigue life during the initial analysis setup and even use it as design parameter in an optimization run. MSC Nastran Imbedded fatigue replaces MSC Fatigue and uses the same nCode DesignLife libraries in calculating fatigue life as in nCode DesignLife.

With nCode Designlife, the engineer can analyse available results from finite element analyses (FEA) as well as from strain gauge measurement and there for gives the engineer a single tool to calculate fatigue life with, for data from both environments. With Adams Durability the engineer has the ability to incorporate finite element models (FEM) of parts in the complete system and simulate the system behaviour through long events while identifying hotspots and generating detailed stress and strain histories for use in fatigue life calculations.

With NX durability the engineer gains the advantage of continuing its fatigue life studies in the same user interface environment where he created his CAD and FEA model. If you have a need to evaluate fatigue life, ESTEQ can help you identify the best product for you.




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