Baja 2013 won by TUT

...Published 2013-11-04

This year’s Baja racing event at Gerotek turned out to be a much fiercer competition than previous years with only 9 cars passing the safety inspection on the Friday and able to compete in the endurance race on the Saturday. Only 5 cars passed the safety inspection in time to compete in the dynamic events of Friday…

This must have been the first year that a total of 5 cars had to go home without competing in any racing event. Some arrived uncompleted with teams giving up and leaving by Friday afternoon while others pushed through and got to the Endurance race in time. Three cars were not ready by Friday afternoon to compete in the dynamic events but pushed through and could compete in the endurance race on Saturday.

North West University’s Car No. 4 was the first to pass their safety inspection with Tuks 1 in second place. After passing the safety inspection, they could continue to the Briggs & Stratton point for an engine governer test and then to the brake test point. Only after passing these three tests were the cars allowed to participate in any of the other events.

The team from India (PUNE 16) impressed the judges and the team also did very well in the various events, winning the endurance race with the most completed laps in 4 hours.

The judges were also asked which car they would likely buy and which car would they pick if they could purcahse the rights for mass production of it. NWU 4 was the judges favourite with PUNE 16 in second place.

Before the weekend’s events, teams also submitted design reports and cost reports which were judged by engineers from ESTEQ.

The highest scores for each of the categories went to the following teams:

Design Report: TUKS 1

Cost Report: PUNE 16

Design Evaluation (Saturday Static Judging): NWU 4

Dynamic Events: TUKS 1

Endurance Race: PUNE 6

But in the end, the overall winner, by the skin of their teeth, was TUT 10 with TUKS 1 in second place and PUNE 16 in third.

You only need to watch the gallery of photo’s to see how much fun the top teams had.

For the scores and a gallery of pictures of the weekend’s events, visit the South African Baja Competition’s official website at


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