Protection & Condition Monitoring

...Published 2013-09-05

With continued pressure to increase on throughput, reliability and reduce down time in production plants, the requirement to understand and manage the condition of production assets is now more important than ever.

ESTEQ can provide condition monitoring solutions to meet your measurement and diagnostic data requirements on all production assets. Should you have a requirement to continuously monitor and protect critical rotating equipment according to the requirements of API 670 (hardwired alarm and trip, 4-20 mA output per channel, buffered signal output), we can provide monitoring and protection solutions using Vibro-meter API 670 compliant Machinery Protection racks, combined with on-line Condition Monitoring Software suite, and Sensor solutions from Wilcoxon and Endevco. To meet routine and ad-hoc monitoring requirements we supply and support a range of OROS multi channel, portable, vibration analysers. As our customer’s requirements grow, our capabilities are now reaching beyond the field of rotating machinery monitoring.

As plants today are operated past their original design life, the Condition Monitoring of ageing structures in the plant, such as Stacker / Re-claimers, Vibrating Screens and steel construction becomes more important, as requirements to understand the effects of life extension programmes grows. To address these very specialised requirements, ESTEQ provides structural condition monitoring solutions to provide crack propagation monitoring and data to aid in the calculation of remaining fatigue life. Whatever your monitoring or measurement requirements may be, ESTEQ will have a sensor and data acquisition solution that can provide valuable measurements and data.




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