Systems Engineering & Requirements Management

...Published 2013-08-14

Systems Engineering is all about ensuring that all interactions between potentially complex areas of a product or project are considered and integrated during the lifecycle. This can be from the initial requirement and concept development, through detail design and simulation or validation, providing a closed loop in ensuring the complex system meets the initial requirement and can be proved to do so.

Typically, carrying out systems engineering activity effectively provides benefits such as: minimized risk, allows tighter product development timescales, provides a controlled and disciplined approach to product or systems development allowing effective auditing and reporting. A ‘Systems Engineering’ or overview approach also allows optimization as individual areas can be seen in context of others. Effective Requirements Management can be seen as an integral part of Systems Engineering which allows the defined project requirements to drive relevant development activity in an integrated manner. ESTEQ’s tools and skills in assisting our clients in implementing a System Engineering approach are second to none.




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