Robotics Solution

...Published 2013-08-14

Process Simulate Robotics enables the design and simulation of highly complex robotics within manufacturing zones. Complicated tasks such as synchronizing multi-robot zones is simplified with built-in tools such as vendor specific robot controllers and the cyclic event evaluator. The robotics simulation tools provide the capability of designing a path that is collision free path for all the robots as well as optimizing their cycle times. Other features of Process Simulate include Process Simulate Spot Weld, Process Simulate Commissioning and Process Simulate Assembly.

RobotExpert is the mid-market robotic solution from SIEMENS based on the mature technology of Process Simulate. It is an OOTB solution that can be implemented rapidly with offline programming capabilities. Some differentiators include multi-vendor support, no need for post processing and the ability to upload programs straight from the factory floor. RobotExpert can support continuous manufacturing processes such as arc-welding, robot machining and polishing.




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