Plant Simulation

...Published 2013-08-14

Plant Simulation is a professional discrete-event simulation tool that facilitates the development of digital models representing logistic systems. These models are used to analyse and explore the system’s characteristics. The completed system model’s performance can be optimised once the system is understood completely. The virtual model of the system allows testing of what-if scenarios as well as running of experiments without disturbing existing production systems. Utilising the analysis of the model during the planning phase implies that the system can be optimised for maximum efficiency before any investment in hardware. This powerful tool contains built in analysis tools, such as the bottleneck analyser, statistics tools and standard built-in charts and reports to help in evaluating different manufacturing scenarios. The results of these experiments and the tools provide the information needed to make fast, reliable and more informed decisions in the early stages of production planning or when the need to optimise an existing process arises. Additional libraries developed for specific industries include Food & Beverage, Warehouseing and Shipyards.




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