Strategic Consulting

...Published 2013-03-14

ESTEQ assists companies to realize their full potential through their: PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY We focus on a number of key areas which include:

  • People
  • Process
  • Performance
  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Risk and Compliance

Contact ESTEQ for more information. Organizations are dependent on technology, techniques and people’s action and interaction on projects to deliver a required result. Why do so many of our projects end up not delivering the required results? Many of our technical problems can be solved with configurable off the shelf software and solutions. People are the most unpredictable component. Human interaction, reaction and delivery is largely determined by attitude. Attitude drives behaviour and determines outcome. Changing individuals’ attitude and recruiting the right people lays in the area of talent management within the human capital practice. In talent management, we focus on mapping the aspirations (objectives/goals) of an individual with the strategic intent of an organization. When we manage to find common ground between the people- and the organisational goals we end up with motivated and energised individuals whose positive attitude will ensure that our delivery has a higher success rate. A High Performance Culture in business depends on transparently measuring and managing PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE.

Consulting Work

Thermo-Mechanical and Mechanical response of Train Wheels according to UIC510-5
Vibrating Screen Simulations

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