Concept Design Simulation

...Published 2013-11-12

Concept Design Simulation is becoming increasingly critical for product companies to meet their innovation and growth deadlines.

At ESTEQ we recognize this trend and also the requirement to have a stronger and more in depth simulation capability very early in the design cycle. A part of this requirement is met with the typical CAD embedded solutions we have inside products like Solid Edge and the wizard driven solutions inside NX. There is however a need for a much more sophisticated capability inside the conceptual design environment which is addressed by the NX CAE solution.

This capability allows Design Engineers and Analysts to solve complicated simulation problems which might include complex contact situations, multi physics and integrated systems problems inside the CAD environment. Included is an integrated Flow simulation environment that can be used by Design Engineers to solve conceptual thermal and flow problems very early in the design. It also provides a very powerful modeling environment where concept studies can be performed while actually creating geometry that can be used down stream by designers to create detail designs of the products.




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